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Willow Lane Rustic Furniture had it's beginnings over 30 years ago when Lane McClelland read a DIY article in the Mother Earth news about making cowboy-inspired willow furniture. He started his rustic decor business on a small tract of land near the California-Mexico border, having easy access to the wild willow stands to create his first pieces of rustic furniture. He honed his skills and designs and now makes the most durable, beautiful willow furniture we have seen anywhere and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Willow Lane's handcrafted willow furniture is not only beautiful in appearance; it is also amazingly strong and best of all, it is extremely comfortable. Rustic twig furniture of this type is the specialty of Willow Lane Rustic Woodworks, a unique company that fashions all types of wood furniture and room accents from native willow trees.

In addition to willow twig furniture, Willow Lane creates beautiful, one of a kind log beds from trees downed by fire or drought and turns them into mouth dropping works of functional art. He feels honored to be able to recycle these once beautiful trees into something that can be enjoyed and revered once again.

Handcrafted With Artisanal Attention

Willow Lane's creations are truly a one of a kind and all the wood selected for the furniture is hand-picked for its unusual grain, color, and natural twists. We make amazing chairs, living room sets, tables, rocking chairs, headboards, porch swings, garden arbors and more. Custom work is no problem and we can work from drawings or photos. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the quality and comfort of our furniture or we will refund your money. Lane was featured on KPBS Modern Masters series and his clients have included Polo Ralph Lauren, Jewell, and many top designers.


Willow grows quickly and is the perfect renewable resource for handcrafted furniture making. Once it is cut, it grows back within a few months. To protect our furniture from the elements, we seal it with a balanced mix of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits or plant based solvents. To ensure the longevity of outdoor pieces, we recommend this finish be applied each year and we include the information to do this with each piece we sell.

For a complete list of services and available project designs, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

If you want to see what we can do, navigate to the photo gallery and see exactly what we've been up to lately. If you have any questions about willow twig furniture or cabin furniture in general, do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. We offer the finest quality willow twig furniture and indoor/outdoor accents to be found anywhere, and we look forward to serving you.